The Best Lacrosse Stick

If you are a lacrosse player, you need to buy the right equipment especially the lacrosse stick to improve your gaming performance. You need to choose one that is lightweight and powerful so that you get the best performance in the game.

With a wide variety of lacrosse sticks in the market, you might experience an overwhelming time choosing the best product. You need to understand what it takes to choose the best to avoid making inappropriate mistakes in the game. You can visit for more information.

Consider the following features when buying a lacrosse stick:

Shaft Material

It is important to check the material used to construct the shaft of the lacrosse stick. The common materials used to construct it include aluminum alloy and the composite. You need to choose based on your preference and the best weight.

The composite is usually lightweight with a greater flex compared to the aluminum alloy, which is strong. A stronger shaft material will help you make the best checks during the game. On the other hand, you need a material that will last longer before breaking.

Shaft Length

lacrosse stickWhen you are buying a lacrosse stick, you need to consider the length because it is a special feature that will determine your experience in the game. Ensure that you choose the right length depending on your player position. Also make sure that you can wield the stick with speed when you are in the game.

Small size is preferable because it will carry lightweight so that you can make the best checks as you play. If you are attacking, a smaller lacrosse stick will help you to make the most efficient moves and passes quickly. However, defense requires you to have a large lacrosse stick that will cover a large area. Therefore, you need to consider your role in the game so that you choose the most efficient length.

Male or Female Player

When you are buying a lacrosse stick, you need to understand that they are designed differently depending on the gender of the user. For instance, the lacrosse stick used for a male is different from the females and those who are young.

The men lacrosse sticks are designed with a long rod with a wider diameter than the women’s lacrosse stick. Ensure that you do not confuse the differences between the lacrosse sticks for male and female players because this might affect your game experience and performance.


Weight matters a lot when you are purchasing a lacrosse stick. You need to consider choosing one that is lightweight. The weight is also related to the speed of the game. For instance, you will move quickly when you have a lightweight lacrosse stick. On the other hand, the weight will affect the defense position. A defensive player will require a heavier and long stick to cover a large area and make effective moves.